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Display bug, essentially with wires

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I did get a display issue.


I had a conductive wire in place. I ordered to change directly to heavy-watt wire, and then for some reason I've decided to cancel it. But I wasn't able. The cancel order didn't seem to work, so I've checked orders in place, and as you can see on the screenshot I don't see the heavy wire in the liste.

For the use, it's fine, but on the screen, there's still the "ghost" of the wire I've ordered to be built.

EDIT : after full-reload of the game, the "ghost" has disappeared.

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Steps to Reproduce
Try to directly replace conductive wire for heavy-watt.
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It happened many times. Lastly, also with wire (conductive I think), I've hold the left click to order a straight line, then release it at the end. Even I had release the button, my mouse was still drawing ghost everywhere, following my cursor even I wasn't clicking at all. I had to enter another construction menu to disable this. Like my first description, it was just the ghost. There was no real buidling order on those spaghetti wires. I had to save & reload to make them disapear.


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