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Disabled Generators Getting Tune-Up

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I am trying to optimize my natural gas and hydrogen generators, since 5 kg lead  every 3 days gets pretty expensive.

Firstly, tune-up decay when the generator is disabled, while unrealistic, provides an interesting problem.  Correcting that would obviate the bug.

Secondly, my dupes are still applying tune-ups to disabled generators.  This means I would need to optimize by turning off full generator rooms, or rely on time cycling the generator station?  both options seen un-fun.

Further, the tuneup debuff time is good for how long tune-up takes to apply, and how resource demanding it is, but shorter on both would make optimization a much easier task, or if (as I began with) tune-up stopped debuffing when the generator goes idle.  The generator automation circuits need to be seriously predictive to correctly optimize, when tune-up applies for 3 days and is wasted when the generator is off.

Steps to Reproduce

0) hook natural gas generator up to automation switch, Set priority to !

1) get dupe to start applying a tune up

2) move dupe away to break task

3) disable the generator via switch

4) wait for dupe to continue with tune up

5) move dupe again

6) wait for dupe to continue with tune up again.

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