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Digging Regolith at 100% Forever

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Uploaded a GIF of the issue and my Save file of as the problem was happening.
Seems after I started building out my space scanner all of a sudden digging from the top of the Regolith was causing it to dig forever.

To get around the issue I've been digging from the bottom and making gravity do the work.

I saw there were some bug reports on similar problems but it was all from 2017.



Steps to Reproduce
Unknown, try to dig regolith?

User Feedback

It happened with me with a vulcano. a reload fixed the problem. I was pumping polluted water on the hot iron chunks and when the polluted water boiled it formed a dirt chunk after that formed to a sand tile. The sand tile information panel said it has a burried object i think 2 sand block formed in the same time, because after the reload i saw a sand chunk appear top on the sand tile. 

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This has been a bug for nearly 3 years. I found 6 related bug reports:

I would consider this my #1 most annoying bug for me; it happens nearly all the time with rockets.

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