Digger started ONLY digging

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So after a while starting new base and building and all sort of stuff, my level 2 digger stopped digging resources out of assigned builds way.

Digger still digs, but only if i assigned a digging errand, but won't dig from way of the builds. Where did this come from after playing and all working fine?

Nothing helped, not even quitting to main menu and reloading the game. In the end i had to assign builder to also dig. I mean it is a hassle to first dig and then you need to assign build errands.


Maybe it is an issue where steam informs that "app is allready running" even when i quit it and return to game after a while. I must close steam and force quit the game. Not first time that has happened, but until now the game has worked well.

So quitting the game and loading may not work to fix it.

Steps to Reproduce
Not sure. Maybe i can send you my save file.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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