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Diamond tempshift plate slow temperature transfer at around 1000 C

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I run on  build 4788137

First thank you for the amazing game!

Game save is joinedFortress Cycle 1416.sav

I am doing a rather simple oil boiler to get petroleum using magma from the volcano. 

When magma, or igneous rock is ~ 1700ºC until ~1100ºC the heat exchange between the diamond glass walls and the boiling chamber works great.However I noticed that heat exchange significantly drops when temperature of the the formed igneous rock tiles are inside [1000ºC, 1100ºC] 

Then heat exchange just works great after the temperature drops under 1000ºC

I will try to reproduce in sandbox mode if possible and try to add more information.



Fortress Cycle 1416.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Run the game and see the issue low transfer rate between igneous rock tiles at > 1000ºC and the boiling chamber


Fortress Cycle 1416.sav

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