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  1. I only have 2 seasons

    I think it is duplicated
  2. Volcano / season bug

    I think it is duplicated
  3. I have the exact same thing here too. Everytime I save and quit, the days counter gets reset. I found a probably bugged place in the code: it seems to be in DLC0002/scripts/gamelogic.lua I think this is responsible of this strange behaviour (function is PopulateWorld) elseif catch_up > 0 and GetClock().numcycles == 0 then -- When a new world is generated we set its clock to the other world -- for cosmetic/bragging reasons (although it will affect the hounds) local catch_up_round = math.floor(catch_up / TUNING.TOTAL_DAY_TIME) GetClock().numcycles = catch_up_round Everytime the game is loaded the GetClock().numcycles gets reset based on this difference catch_up = player_age - world_age If I am not mistaken, this difference will never change when you jump in a new world (or volcano, caves) I hope this helps Cheers