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Desalinator Emptying Issue

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Hello <3

I am having an issue with my desalinator that is on a timer sensor.  The dupes are going to empty the desalinator but since its on a timer to reduce battery usage, there mostly isn't enough time for the dupes to empty the desalinator unless they happen to be right next to it. They will start the task but when the timer goes to red the dupes walk away and the process must be restarted.

Please enable dupes to empty the desalinator even if the automation grid has it disabled.

Thank you

Steps to Reproduce

put desalinator on a timer with 30 red / 30 green.  Put desalinator way off from the main base.  Enjoy wondering why its almost always stuck on needing to be emptied.

User Feedback

I'd be glad if dupes could do anything with buildings that are disabled, such as disabled latrines being emptied _without_ dupes being allowed to fill them again.

I guess disabled -> no interaction at ALL

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