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  1. ok ok, this thread is getting old but why..... do my duplicants on level - priority for op generate on generators set to priority 1 instead of building lvl 9 priority construction having double up arrow for build/supply/store???
  2. @Misca, thank you for your reply. I keep the farm and farm station on priority 9. I've been trying many things and I've discovered more issues with the priority system. I'm guessing English is not the developers native language because the terms 'store' and 'supply' are used incorrectly in the priority system. For example, duplicants 'supply' the fridge with food instead of storing and duplicants 'store' copper into new construction tiles needing copper the same way construction tiles get supplied with materials. That right there is 1 major issue. Food sits on the ground in front of the grill and rots unless i yellow alert the fridge; priority 9 isn't enough. Storing and supply priorities are mixed up and half the time backwards. I've put 1000 hours into this game in 3 months time. This is very frustrating to me because it seems like this should be working. Farm Priority should let duplicants supply/store to the farm tiles only Cook priority should let cooks store food in the fridge. It's simply not possible to have the cooks do everything only in the kitchen or the farmers only in the farm without getting all complicated using doors to restrict access in or out. My kitchen is often missing the cooks and the only way to get food made is yellow alerting the grill. I had a duplicant set to double up arrow ranch and single up arrow op yet the duplicant was ranching the grooming station on lvl 9 priority and not running the generator 5 tiles away on yellow alert. Very very frustrating. I'm trying to enjoy the game but its just making me frustrated. Feeling ripped off. This is the 3rd game I've ever purchased. I dont take it lightly. $25 for a broken game is a huge rip-off
  3. Duplicants that are set to farm priority only will not farm but will stand around idle if they do not also have supply set as a priority with farming. My farmers are off supplying materials to everything else as well as the farm while the farm is more often than not waiting for dirt because the farmers are off supplying to every supply type not just the hydroponic farm tiles in the green room. There is plenty of fertilizer and dirt as well as micro nutrient farm stations I'm over 700 cycles with 30+ dupes and it's extremely annoying to see my farmers in atmosuits way off base supplying construction needs. Please make the priorities able to specify which type of supplying the dupe is prioritized to (life support, operating, construction, etc) because buildings with dual priorities including supply are stealing my farming duplicants from their intended job and this is infuriating for a game that is over 2 years old now.
  4. Atmosuit station powered and receiving incoming oxygen, yellow alerts on the other side are taking 50 cycles to complete, no joke!