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Deleting germs instantly

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In a liquid reservoir, Infected polluted water germ count will increase the more infected polluted water you add to it. Until you add a germ of the opposite type. When you add a germ of the opposite type, the first germ count immediately resets to zero.

1) Slimelung [2,443 Slimelung]


Food poisoning comes from the top; slimelung comes from the right. The last packets of polluted water came from the right.


2) More slimelung, [4,840 Slimelung]


Additional packets of slimelung polluted water came from the right. The count, increases before the food poisoning polluted water from from the top hits the reservoir.


3) Add large amount of food poisoning [395,423 Food Poisoning]


I was not able to get a screenshot of the transition, but I'm pretty sure the germ count went to zero for 1 second before the food poisoning count began increasing. Regardless though, the 4,840 slimelung were quickly removed. But wait ... it gets better in step 4.


4) Add a few drops of slimelung, entire reservoir is now clean [0 germs]


In step 3, there were a few small packets of slimelung polluted water entering the reservoir. As soon as they did, the germ count was reset to zero.


I am uploading my save file if you want to observe this behavior first hand. You may have to wait for the right combination of food poisoning and slimelung (since I cannot control when nature calls my duplicants), but it shouldn't take too long. Note, the downstream water sieve is not hooked up, so you'll need to change that or reload after the reservoir is full.

Deadly Tragedy.sav

I suggest removing food poisoning germs at the same rate slimelung germs are "added". Essentially destroy one germ for every alternate germ added. The result would be a gradual decrease in food poisoning rather than a complete reset.


Steps to Reproduce
Add food poisoning infected polluted water to a liquid reservoir, then add slimelung infected polluted water. Observe the food poisoning count go to zero.

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