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Deconstructed Door Turned into Copper Blocks

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I did a search before starting this thread and saw two reports of this but they were from the beginning of 2018 so thought I'd make a new report instead of necro one.

Had a dup deconstruct a horizontal Manual Airlock and when I checked back it had been replaced with two copper blocks (100 Kg each). I was recording a video at the time but sadly I scrolled JUST above it when it happens so I don't think it would be of any help. I can share it if it would be though.


Steps to Reproduce
Have a horizontal manual airlock deconstructed and check back to see copper blocks attempting to cut off and kill your dup
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It is demonstrated in this video to create iron block from a surrounded mechanized airlock:

Time in video should be at 2:19 


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added video timestamp

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