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  1. Mouth late!!! Mounth KARL!!! The same. Every time after game load.
  2. I think @Dan_Daniel2000 is right. You should use "20%" insted of "0.2%"
  3. I think seed, or save game will be good for investigate this problem.
  4. Red input to Shutoff but it doesn't disable electric wire. Disable? Realy? -> Active! WTF ? Rebuild Power Shutoff - not fixed. Fixed only reaload game. Ocean.sav
  5. Yep, it easely reproduced, just move away from room dup while he tinkering and process fully reset.
  6. As you know, tinkering VERY LONG process! If during this process dups go away (for examply for make breath, may be need use Power Control station at this time, or deliver microchips) this process fully reset, and microchips disapired, after it dups start process from ZERO. So NOW tinkering fully BROKEN. Ocean.sav
  7. I know how bypass this stupid BUG But klei MUST fix them, not bypass or workaround.
  8. Duplicant stuck, and I cant even move him by Move To, Now 2 corps ? See save game, it reproduce after load. Dup Name: Nails. Ocean.sav
  9. Easy to reproduce, see below. After just few seconds and on/off 4000 energy disapired. You cant even see this lose on cycle report. You MUST fix this BUG.
  10. Open door have same permission as auto. I'm already check it and this really good!!! I known about ladder, as i alredy say: Please - do not sugest me workaround it Just need fix this f*** door access.
  11. Telescope have full of oxigen: 10kg Why "Change per second" = 0 ? WTF?