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  1. Open door have same permission as auto. I'm already check it and this really good!!! I known about ladder, as i alredy say: Please - do not sugest me workaround it Just need fix this f*** door access.
  2. Telescope have full of oxigen: 10kg Why "Change per second" = 0 ? WTF?
  3. Game Version: Q2-312713 How it's posible ? On enother side If door in AUTO mode My question is simple: WTF ? Please - do not sugest me workaround it, i'm alredy know all of it. Just fix this f*** door restrictions.
  4. I make video with problem illustration for you. Ok, now i understand reason of this problem. But for sweeper's definitly need make Queue (FIFO) or add some workaround: If receptacle generate (pull) request for incomed resource - check if receptacle alredy have more resurce amount alredy and replace real request (pull) with another resource with MAX amount alredy store in receptacle. This hook definitly can implemented easely and it definitly resolve many problems with sweeper's (halt/stack/MILLIGRAMS CARL)
  5. Loading Crash

    Please attach your buggy save file here.
  6. treelist viewing position

    Yep. It's realy annoing.
  7. Dupe no longer need to breath

    Use search. Alredy posted & alredy fixed
  8. Just use game mechanics (backplate + liquid)
  9. It seems that it is connected I'm alredy posted this. Devs just ignored this bug
  10. It's not a BUG. it's game mechanic feature. This should NOT be fixed !!!
  11. Ok. I create save. After load u can see in Conveyor Reseptacle But Sweeper take not Granite (which hit the unloader before all other items) (and mass of which more whan any other items in unloader) It take Sandstone (40kg cuz on take it have alredy 40kg) BUT WHY Sandstone ? It's not FIFO and nor maximum amount of resources storing in unloader (Conveyor Reseptacle) And cuz this bug-decision happens constantly - if unloader full to 99.999999999kg we have this annoing BUG with GRAMS CARL. Or even ZERO GRAMS!!! Now you understand ? Facking Sweeper.sav I say - Sweeper MUST take the maximum amount of resources or use FIFO queue on Conveyor Reseptacle and Conveyor Loader
  12. Now Sweeper can take only small amount of "grams" (GRAMS CARL!!!) of resource. It's ridiculous. It's hapening avery time. in unloader have 87 kg of Granite and 13 kg of Dirt And Sweeper takes Avery time latest resource BUT it MUST take Bigest amount or make FIFO queue.
  13. Long save loading in late game

    Problem MUST be solved