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Death Traps

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In my new game my clean water reservoir has two death traps in either upper corner. One duplicant died in the upper right corner and two others would have died in each corner if I did not go emergency mode and construct a way out of the death traps. Pictures and save file included. Set construction to 9 in the reservoir and you should have duplicants trapped there in no time.

The game is still not producing output logs.


O2 Death Trap.sav

Steps to Reproduce
see description

User Feedback

you can manually assign them to move to the ladder that will guide them out. they have a breath limit for how far they will path automatically if you get them to a spot where they can find a safe route they will take it. this is a long old issue that even causes dupes to dance back and forth looking for a good routeĀ  until they either die or are saved by the player

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