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Cycle count broken, in "Entries" of "my log" database

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I was just reading a bit the lore, waiting for my rocket to return, when I notice something in the "entries"


Has you can see, I missed one, after the cycle 35. But if you look under, the next one do not display the cycle number.

You can also notice, into the text of this article the it refers to a discovery made on cycle {0}. Maybe related to the missing entry


It goes the same way for all others. I even have some blank entries



Steps to Reproduce
Seems to occurs if we miss a dicovery, or maybe if we unlock an entry that should be only discovered after the missing entry.

User Feedback

Ha, I finally got the missing entry :


The problem, now, is that No duplicant have died in this base. :D

Probably unlocked by the astronaut that disappear from the list.


This entry should not be placed in a fixed sequence, compared with other entries.


And I still have blank entries :



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