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Custom game generation, rejecting dupes

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Steam Known Issue

I've had a crappy night so decided to spawn a world on easy mode - no stress, no infections.  I set those things in the custom game settings, and off I went. 

Stress acted as I would expect - nothing can stress them out.  But infections, while immunity stayed at 100%, all three of my dupes had food poisoning by cycle three. 

I don't have the save file unfortunately.  Was not in a good place and trashed it I think. 

Also, if the arch offers dupes and I accidentally hit escape, and then try and go back immediately, the game crashes.  I'm not sure if it will crash if I wait until the set time has gone by and a new set is offered up. 

Steps to Reproduce
Leave the select dupes screen with the escape button, and set it so the immunity should be invincible.
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