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[CU-275206] Dreckos are able to pass through closed Mechanized Airlocks

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

I have a bunch of Dreckos in a farm and I was wondering for the last two hours how the heck they manage to escape all the time. I just watched one of them slipping through the Mechanized Airlock. It was a properly electrified airlock, it was closed and no dupe was around. The Drecko just passed the door as if it was not there or permanently open.


You can see on this screenshot four Dreckos have escaped in the last cycle. The one I saw escaping just took a path through down the small path between the two airlocks and turned then left, just like that.

Steps to Reproduce
place lots of Dreckos in farm room with Mech Airlock. Wait for it.

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