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Critters/settings/gases disapearing after save/reload

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In advance sorry for my English as it's not my native language.

I am using the last QoL1 update. I am not into QoL2 beta. So Q1-303707.

I am playing normal mode, without debug mode nor sandbox.


This bug report as I am permanently experiencing difference loss between each save and each reload.


For example, lastly, all my hatches disappeared from a save to the next reload, the day after. I had 4 100% automated farms, except for grooming of course, all of them were well furnished, and also had some eggs. I farmed Stone hatch and standard hatch. It worked for many save & load, many cycles, but one day I have spotted that my coal stock was decreasing quickly instead of slowly growing. Then I was not able to find any hatch, nor any eggs.


Another remaining one. It happened nearly each time I save before to quit, and then reload the next session.

I am feeding my stone hatches with obsidian and sedimentary rock. However, the critter feeder into my hatchery do not keep the sedimentary rock checked between each save/reload. Only obsidian is still checked. I am manually adding it after each reload now, because if I don’t think about it, my stone hatches start starving as I mostly have sedimentary rock into my storage.

In addition, on those same stone hatches critter feeders, less annoying, but it appears that after the reload those are able to feed standard hatches as the related checkbox is checked by itself. Not every time, but not happened only once neither. I have to uncheck the “hatches feeding” manually. I only have stone hatches, standard hatches eggs are automatically swept-off, so not so annoying but it remains a bug.


Next one: I had 3 glossy dreckos stables. There were fully closed, thanks to Insulated tiles all around and a complete water-lock.

Tempered hydrogen to the ceiling, tempered oxygen 2 tiles on the floor, everything worked well for a week, producing many tons of plastic.

Then, today, all hydrogen disappeared, again between last save and next reload. There’s no way it could be an error from my side, I didn’t touch anything about buildings and global structure,  hydrogen was perfectly fulfilling its role, I’ve just lately add the auto-sweep and carrying system to those rooms.


Apart of this, another point (another subject, that I just sweep there), that I see as a bug, but maybe not.

I have a disabled mini-gas pump inside a fully closed room.

This room was designed to go hot, due to near 100°C water tank. As planned, it overheats and was broken. But now, it permanently pop-ups up has overheating. So I got the aerial popup, when the pump is on the screen, but also the notification as a building is overheating.

As this pump is already broken, shouldn’t it stop from notifying me about any overheating?

Despite those inconveniences, thanks a lot for this addictive and enjoyable game, that give me all this lovely brainstorming experience.


Best regards


Steps to Reproduce
Save & reload... I agree that hatches loss could not be easy, as I've done many S/L before the one that change the situation. Same for hydrogen loss into dreckos stable… But for critter feeders settings, there’s nearly every time an issue, at least on one of my 4 machines.

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