Critter sensor completely stops working

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The critter sensor in my pacu breeding tank stops doing anything at all. No matter what number I set it to, 0-64, it won't activate. A reload doesn't fix it. The only thing that does is deconstructing the ceiling tiles of the tank and rebuilding them. The only reason this occured to me is because previously I used mesh tiles and when this bug first occured I thought somehow the game considered it to be part of the full tank of fish because the game displays water through the mesh tile. When I rebuilt it that time I made sure to use a solid tile just in case. Now the bug has happened again with solid tiles and with the game clearly recognizing the breeder tank is its own room. I took these screenshots and uploaded the save, then deconstructed and rebuilt the ceiling. It resolves the bug until it happens again in another hundred cycles. 





Transdimensional Space Prison.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Building a completely enclosed tank full of water with a critter sensor inside Wait and eventually the critter sensor will go inactive

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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How can I delete this? I'm seeing a way now the sensor can go inactive, if 1 pacu dies the door will open, but if the 2nd pacu dies before an egg hatches and drops down the door will close because 0 critters are present. Then I had it stuck in my head it was bugged and tried everything under the sun BUT adding a critter. When I rebuilt the ceiling there were eggs on top that fell in which must have activated the sensor and I thought it was from the ceiling getting rebuilt. 

God this sensor really needs an "above" and "below" setting like other sensors, it's so unintuitive.

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