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  1. Here is a very simple design which utilizes the mechanic of doors pushing critters down, essentially making an automated drop off. You could ship eggs to the single tile or if you don't want to lose out on the egg shell that will accumulate on that tile you can use a critter drop off with only a door right next to it. Keep the "room" a single tile so 2/3 of the time the hatches will be on the doors. A clock sensor can shut the doors once a day, a critter sensor won't work as doors don't count as part of a room. An example of using a critter drop off: Doors push critters down now
  2. Talk to Klei then, we're not the ones that decide max stable sizes. If you want 8 hatches that aren't cramped your stable has to be exactly 96 tiles, not a single tile more or less. How else are the dupes going to access the bins, flying?
  3. Just one thing to add, species! Hate when a stray shinebug or drecko wanders in and triggers the sensor. With people asking for critter sensor changes for over a year I highly doubt Klei will be bringing it up to par with every other sensor in the game at this point. It's like they never wanted to add it in the first place. Congrats?
  4. What isn't tedious and also hard for noobs? That may be a good argument in games with non-existent learning curves but ONI? By the way, if preventing food poisoning is tedious for experienced players I'm sure you'd agree we then need to remove space in its entirety? What actually is bad for the game are completely irrelevant mechanics. Just one more thing for new players to learn and then ignore. I don't understand how your argument is leave them as-is versus making them have an actual impact or removing them from the game.
  5. Nature reserve /parks

    I made something similar to a design I saw here quite a while ago, finished food gets shipped to the L in the great hall floor so dupes don't have to go to the kitchen to pick up dinner. The grill used to be with the oven but since the food changes they had to be separated. Previously main food source was bbq so the ingredients were shipped to the conveyor drop off that has the water lock, then the sweeper picked up cooked food and shipped to great hall. Now ingredients ship to the grill where bbq and grilled fish are made, then shipped to the oven where surf 'n turf is made. Conveyor loaders in the great hall allow unfinished meals to be picked up, pneumatic doors stop them from being included in the room therefore not breaking the great hall rule of no machinery. Weight plate turns off the grill when X amount of food is made.
  6. Bridges massively reducing throughput

    Please don't as this is a bug reporting forum, no one here is seeking your unsolicited advice. People reporting bugs shouldn't be subjected to you in every thread saying "I don't know about the bug you're experiencing but want to see my SPOM build?" Now you're claiming you solved the bug when your build demonstrates the exact same thing? I don't know if you're being purposely obtuse but "Bridges now cause" and "There have been other reports of this as early as 7/10/19" clearly tell you when this bug started. And yet again, I never claimed to have full efficiency. Allow me to quote this same sentence again: "Of course a sealed room isn't going to provide 100% throughput due to pressure varying from tile to tile". I think you're confused about the purpose of a bug reporting forum. This isn't general discussion. This is where players bring potential bugs to dev attention. Not for wannabe ONI devs to fail at diagnosing them. After you just got done saying you were done posting here and nothing changed with bridge merges you can't help yourself but try to defend how clearly wrong you were. According to you this has nothing to do with bridges, how would this fix bug? Is it perhaps you're not an ONI dev and have no idea about the bug you're trying to diagnose? Didn't know when it started, didn't know about the multitude of other reports, didn't know what causes, didn't know how to solve it, didn't even test a supposed work-around,...maybe let the actual ONI devs handle the bugs? By the way, the new update increased throughput to ~80%. So much for having nothing to do with bridges, right? Now radiant pipes aren't working properly, I'm sure that also isn't a bug according to you.
  7. Bridges massively reducing throughput

    Your build. Pipe is permanently backed up just like I said it would be. Now I know why you uploaded a screenshot of empty pipes.
  8. Bridges massively reducing throughput

    A T connection is exactly the behavior the bridge is mimicking, why would you think that's a solution? If you don't know how bridges worked before and after the pipe optimization changes why are commenting about them in a bug forum?
  9. Bridges massively reducing throughput

    Of course the electrolyzer is getting over-pressurized, I thought that was clear from my post. As I said, bridges now cause elements to pause resulting in reduced throughput. Your entire first paragraph I already referenced: "Of course a sealed room isn't going to provide 100% throughput due to pressure varying from tile to tile". The issue is not the occasional interruption of the electrolyzer, which has always existed even before this change. Pumps now register the "Pipe blocked" error ~50% of the time. I find it odd you didn't actually try to run your setup, merely screenshotting empty pipes. If you had you would've realized the only thing you changed is the ratio of time each pump will run. In my build they each run an equal amount of time, in your build the right pump will run more and the left less. You've done nothing to address element flow pausing at the merge. I'm not sure why you're trying to critique some very simple math. The game states electrolyzers produce 888g/s of oxygen. A cycle is 600 seconds. 888 * 600 = 532,800g. Convert to kg and you get 532.8kg. Not if, when. It doesn't matter if you provide the entire width of the map as excess pipe. The only thing you've done is delay the pipe becoming full by less than a minute. Actually run the design and feel free to come back with the results.
  10. Sweep errand secretly uses Supply priority.

    I would imagine where he said "Observe their Errands readout". Probably why it matters what priority level you set a storage bin to and doesn't matter you set "sweep coal" to 9. Super backwards.
  11. Bridges now cause gases/liquids to pause in pipes, massively reducing throughput. There have been other reports of this as early as 7/10/19 and no comment as to whether this is a known bug. Electrolyzer output for 1 cycle: 600kg Electrolyzer O2 output for 1 cycle: 532.8kg 2x Gas pump output for 1 cycle: 600kg Actual electrolyzer O2 output for 1 cycle: 240.6kg Of course a sealed room isn't going to provide 100% throughput due to pressure varying from tile to tile, but 45%? Why does any pipe merge exist in the game if it's going to reduce throughput by over half? If this isn't a bug and is instead a "feature" of the new pipe optimization pipe merges need to be completely removed from the game.
  12. Is it just me or are you being unnecessarily hostile to anyone that disagrees with you? No matter if you use the max bedroom size space isn't in short supply. I don't think it's a requirement of any change to add difficulty to the game. Yes dupe time is valuable, but like other plants you can still automate fertilizing. Autosweeper in drecko ranch > autosweeper in wheezewort room. Don't forget critters eating hot materials but producing materials at their own body temp....
  13. Oh nice, I like the unique look of it now. I don't know why but I thought the other art was permanent.
  14. I may be in the minority but I don't think anything should give the morale bonus (or meet room requirements) if it's not functioning. This would include disabled, out of materials, not connected to wiring, etc. I don't think lights should be required for rooms but I would personally like a negative decor value across the board if not lit up, something like -5 or -10. Safe to avoid completely but just enough to warrant spamming them like snazzy suits. Yeah it was slightly annoying to need an autosweeper on 24/7 since they practically continuously produced pdirt.