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Critter Sensor Activating on Load

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When loading my save file, some of my automation is breaking due to critter sensors activating when they shouldn't be.

I noticed that when I load my save it takes a second for rooms to load. So for a second or two the sensors are all in every room separated by a door. So, they are all activating off eggs in adjacent rooms.

Room overlay on load.

Critter Sensor on load. (Immediately after unpausing)

Critter Sensor after waiting a couple of seconds after loading.

I am using mods on my save, but I tested on a fresh save with no mods, and had the same outcome.

Steps to Reproduce

- Create two rooms, separated by at least one door.
- Place Critter in one.
- Place Critter Sensor in other room.
- Save game.
- Load game.


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