Critter Feeder toggling

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Theres an issue with the critter feeder and when you toggle who can eat what, it autoselects or says no filter selected even though you just selected something. 

Discovered that vole pups had eaten into my metal supply :( When i toggle smooth hatch to eat iron ore the vole pup/shovoles keep toggling back on again.

Steps to Reproduce
Try to assign food source in the critter feeder to specific critters. then click back on the feeder to see its autoselected something else again

User Feedback


What's actually happening you're toggling by material, not by critter. The critters are greedy and will eat whatever they can find, so if you put metal in the feeder for your hatches a nearby vole will gladly come and eat it. (The reason voles are "selected" in the feeder is to let you know that the food you've selected is for them as well.) Hope that clarifies it.

We are aware that this UI is confusing and hope to improve it in the future. Thanks for the bug report!

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