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Critter feeder menu issues

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Besides the drecko issue on the feeder already mentioned elsewhere, the menu is not updating properly.

I noticed that similar critters share resources, e.g., the Hatch and the Hatchling share checkboxes. If I "allow all" for the Hatch and then click allow all for the hatchling, it actually unsets all. They cannot be selected separately, either, so I can't feed hatchlings one thing and hatches another. They share, and the checkboxes do not update.


When opening the pulldown arrow to select different foods, the window resets the thumb, so it forces scrolling back down. This is probably unintended as it's pretty annoying and unintuitive.

Steps to Reproduce
place critter feeder and open it to select contents. click the Hatch button ONCE to select all. click the Hatchling button ONCE to select all. This, I believe, internally clears both Hatch and Hatchling. click the Hatch button ONCE again, and instead of clearing the checkmark, it actually selects again (and appears to do nothing).
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User Feedback

Same Problem here. If I select food for e.g. the Hatch and another food for the Hatchling, later for both critters both foods will be checked. I have to select the checkboxes nearly every cycle. 

I had also Problems with the Critter Drop-Of resetting itself. I selected only Sage and Smooth Hatches and Hatchlings, but after a while all eight Variants of Hatches were selected. 

The Menu of the Critter Feeder (with the checkboxes) is named "Automatisierter Lager-Verdichter" ("Smart Storage Compactor") in the German Version of the Game. Can someone check the Original Version? 

Nekonia Cycle 139.sav

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