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Critter Bugs--critters don't respond to duplicants calling them even after "excited" buff

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I'm having critter bugs since the last update.  I have hatches that are glum but don't respond to duplicants calling them for grooming.  I have grubgrubs starving to death right next to a full feeder and staying in one square, not buffing the plants in their stable.  If I close the game and reboot, the critters work again for a while but then go back to unresponsive state after about 15 minutes.


Steps to Reproduce

Each and every time I run the game it happens.

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User Feedback

Just providing a second confirmation of this problem: a critter will occasionally enter the "excited" state and queue for grooming, but won't enter the grooming station. The duplicant then wastes the rest of the cycle calling.

Briefly interrupting the rancher with a "Move To" doesn't seem to fix it, but it stops happening after a save and load.


To reproduce: since it seems to happen irregularly when a critter is called to grooming, any ranch will eventually see it happen, and a colony with many ranches will see it happen frequently.

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