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crash upon load

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game crashes when i load i create a new world, and them embark *crash*

load any safe i currently have *crash* (including old MK2 worlds)

couldn't find any crash reports in the mentioned directories.

edit: maybe this screen shot helpsUntitled.thumb.png.14095fb53224f4d7ee7f4467c46da3d1.png

Steps to Reproduce
no clue? since obviously some people are able to load their games.

User Feedback

Got the same problem. I'm picking an asteroid, choosing my dupes and hit the embark button and then the game crashes when loading into the map. Tested it like 10 times with different setups (asteroid dupe combinations and ofc no mods activated).

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I got it fixed. First I deleted the game via steam and reinstalled it, but this didn't help. Now i got it working by deleting the game via steam AND deleted some remaining data within the ONI folder in steam (no mod data). After that i made a new clean installement and it works just fine. I hope this works for you too Moonshade.

It seems that a deletion via steam does not remove all the ONI game files, atleast in my case.

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