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Crash (Solved)

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Client crashed during play and PC restarted. Seems extreme to relate this to ONI I know, but it never does that. Since then game won't start. I get a very brief window I haven't seen before, with a scrolling bar, dupe face, and just enough time to see the word Unity, before it disappears. Integrity verified with no errors. OS and drivers up to date. Nothing funky running (from your troubleshooting checklist).

EDIT: Tried re-installing ONI, no change. Checked quarantine, it's empty.

EDIT: Updated graphics driver. Something may be going on with WU, says it's up to date but there have been some errors recently. Working through MS checklist.
Captured the error...



Fixed it.

Unity doesn't like Citrix Workspace App. Unistalled Citrix and ONI worked immediately.


Steps to Reproduce
Attempt to play. (Edit: ...with Citrix installed)

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