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[Crash] Fatal error in gc

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Hi there,

Just got a Crash To Desktop with this message :


The game alt-tabbed but I never managed to recover it, even after patiently waiting for 15 minutes.

The crash happened during the autosave, cycle 617. Autosave failed.

When the crash occured, I was checking my Space Scanners setup in the Automation Overlay, though I'm not sure it's related. A quick check in the Task Manager showed me that ONI was using ~8Gb of memory (along with other processes, it was used at 75%, I have 16Gb of RAM)

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to reproduce the crash, though, I suppose loading the save multiple times may increase memory use and crash the game.

I have joined all possible useful files except for the Output Log, which does not appear if the specified file. If you need more, please ask :)

Thanks in advance.

Dracian06 Cycle 616.sav



Steps to Reproduce
Open the save, wait until the autosave next cycle.
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