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Crash every 1-3 cycles, unclear how to reproduce

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Frequent crashes (briefly freezes, application silently closes, no acknowledgement that it's crashed). Initially once after about 20 cycles, now more frequent (every 1-3 cycles)

SimDLL_CRASH_release_545357_20230307-16.13.31.sav Player-prev.log Fetid Dank Oasis Cycle 39.sav DxDiag.txt

Steps to Reproduce

Can't see an obvious way to reproduce. Last thing I tried was (whilst paused) was building a gas pump, filter, cannister filler, gas piping + power to the bottom of the base in an effort to get the hydrogen.

Edit: per below request, more logs. Turned off data communication and it seemed to go for much longer, but still crashed out.

Player.log Player-prev.log

User Feedback

Other relevant information: I have really, really sketchy internet connection at the moment (bodging it with a 3G/4G dongle), not playing with any mods as far as I know, am using DLC vanilla and running on 3x speed.

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Could you try disabling data communications (Options -> Data Communication) and playing in Steam online mode to see if it's related to online functionality? Next time it happens please attach both your Player.log and Player-prev.log files before launching the game again.


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This does not appear to be network related. 

If you load your attached save file and let it run without interacting with the game does it still crash? I ran it from cycle 39 to cycle 58 with no crash. I'm wondering if it's related to a specific action in game like building or connecting to pipes.

Something else you could try is running the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool which comes with Windows 10. Have you adjusted memory settings in your bios? I'm not convinced it's a hardware error yet though.

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