Crash and resert PC

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Start the game select the duplicates start the game then freeze the game the screen goes black you hear the background music and then the computer is reset ... it is unplayable .. a great game please work on a solution.

I was doing tests my graphic is an RX 560, I removed it and tried with the integrated CPU an AMD RYzen 3 2200g and the game worked perfectly with the last drivers of the AMD page, put back the 560 I did dwngrade the drivers and the error jumps now I do not know if it is the graph that is damaged, I will have to get another one and do more tests.
For the moment I will continue with the integrated to see if it gives the same error.
the error also gave in other games like subnautica and subnautica below Zero but with the integrated they worked well.



Valeroso Choza.sav


Steps to Reproduce
start new game, choose duplicates, start game, put them to dig and the freeze game

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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If this problem is present in other games as well, there are 3 options in your case. Graphics card itself, drivers, or Windows. 

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This could also be a Unity engine issue(Which the Subnautica games, as far as I understand, also use.) If it is, then the best response from the Unity team would come from an issue being reported by a license buying, relatively high profile, professional organization such as Klei.


@gportapuThinking on it, this is similar to a common issue I've seen in regards to games, where there's a selection issue when both an integrated GPU as well as a discrete option, present. I can't give any easy advice as to how(I'd need to research as well as have access to a similar and affected hardware setup), but completely disabling the integrated GPU may fix the problem.

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