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Corrupted save - black hole

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Hi Klei

Wanted to load my save after a while, but no success so far.

I had plenty of mod, and last save was before Harmony upgrade, so as expected some mods gets disabled by game at first. I've checked those, most of its weren't updated. => unsuscribed.

Went like this for a few time, then it ended up with a crash, but this time every mod is updated, and was upgraded to Harmony 2.0. But still, black hole.

Decided to unsuscribe every mod I have. And manually clean each subfolder under C:\Users\*username*\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\mods

Aboslutely no mod is remaining, nor any related files into mods folder.

Tried to load again, but not much success.

I get this error log

Missing stage: Average2

  at UnityEngine.Debug.LogError (System.Object message) [0x00000] in <9fe2cbebfa394c8da6af069ec8cc9ef4>:0
  at Debug.LogError (System.Object obj) [0x00000] in <7110358c02a14df2a7a2562defcc57da>:0
  at Artable.SetStage (System.String stage_id, System.Boolean skip_effect) [0x00000] in <4d5210689d454b148ee8bf399a4b6b43>:0
  at Sculpture.SetStage (System.String stage_id, System.Boolean skip_effect) [0x00000] in <4d5210689d454b148ee8bf399a4b6b43>:0
  at Artable.OnSpawn () [0x00000] in <4d5210689d454b148ee8bf399a4b6b43>:0
  at KMonoBehaviour.Spawn () [0x00000] in <7110358c02a14df2a7a2562defcc57da>:0
  at KMonoBehaviour.Start () [0x00000] in <7110358c02a14df2a7a2562defcc57da>:0
Build: U33-474321-B


And joined is the save

FYI, tried to load another -more or less- empty save (used for debug tests/SB), and it works, so it seems relative to save.

Thanks for your help !

Best regards


OxCD's Cocoon.sav

Steps to Reproduce

load my save

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