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Conveyor Loader blocks space scanner from any direction.

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As the title says, I noted the conveyor loader blocks the space scanner when it is placed within 15 tiles of a scanner in any direction. The first picture verifies that the scanner without the conveyor is 100%. When I add the conveyor loader, it suddenly becomes blocked even if the loader is below the scanner.

Scanner without conveyor loader at 100%



Conveyor loader added with degradation of signal



Conveyor loader below the scanner also affecting the signal. Note the closer the conveyor is, the worse the signal interference.



I noticed this while trying to set up an automated space scanner that scoops up mined regolith and transports it to a steam turbine room. I was going to use water and a tile to keep everything cool, but noticed the signal degradation as soon as I built the conveyor loader.

Steps to Reproduce
Place a conveyor within 15 tiles of a space scanner and it will begin to degrade the space scanner signal

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