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Confusing Priority for Conveyor recepticles

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Conveyor receptacles will only be emptied if their priority level is below that of the target storage. Also, as long as they are below the target's priority, priority order will be ignored while unloading.

This makes using them counter-intuitive, and quite confusing for some players.

Note that this occurs both with Manual unloading by duplicants and automatic unloading by Auto-sweepers.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Build a basic unloading network (2 receptacles being fed different resources, an auto-sweeper, and some compactors set to only accept one of the two resources each). 2. Set both of the receptacles to priority six while leaving the compactors at default priority. Auto-sweeper should ignore them, regardless of open storage space. 3. Set one of the receptacles to priority one. Auto-sweeper should start extracting. 4. Set the one of the recepatcles (with resource A) to priority one, and the matching compactor to priority six. Set the other receptacle (with resource B) to priority two, and leave the matching compactor at priority five. Auto-sweeper should extract from lower priority receptacle. 5. Repeat with a duplicant instead of an auto-sweeper. Same result should be observed.

User Feedback

Changed Status to Known Issue

Thanks for the detailed report. The priority-based storage system definitely hits its limits where the conveyors are involved, but is unlikely to change in the near future. I recreated your scenario and it seems to be working as intended:

All deliveries are "pulled" by their destination, so an arm/duplicant looks for the highest priority destination storage in reach, and then looks for a suitable ore to deliver to it. Ore in storages with equal or higher priority than the destination are ignored. 

I understand that it's unintuitive in this scenario, we'll see if we can improve the presentation it but the underlying rules are not likely to change.

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