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"compostable" stored in a container is never used in compost ...

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I have balm lilies flowers and seeds from a phosphorite farm, and wanted these to be automatically usd for compost via a conveyor rail.

But even if the material keep the "compost" tag inside the receptacle, or inside a container, never the auto-sweeper, nore duplicants use materials tagged for compost but stored somewhere ... :(


The 2 compost have priority set to 7. While the conveyor receptacle is set to 1 (but auto-sweeper do not deliver material to the compost), and the storage is set to 6 (so duplicants should pick compostable inside).


The compost system really need a rework ! ;)


PS : if you don't already see it, please take a look at thise suggestion : 



Steps to Reproduce
Store a maerial tagged for compost in a container. Set the priority so that the compost have higher priority than the storage. and wait ...
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