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Colony summary time lapse seems corrupted and is not updating

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

The attached screenshot is the last frame in the colony summary time lapse (one of my favorite features, by the way!)

The left portion of the frame appears to have been corrupted and/or not captured correctly. This is the only frame that was affected (assuming that the buttons at the bottom move one frame at a time).

Also, the time lapse has not updated after this frame despite me playing for several cycles after this frame was taken (I know because I've managed to scrape together enough steel to add to the rocket in the upper right corner), and I was under the impression that it updated once per cycle?

I am currently on cycle 481 and I think this happened around cycle 473-476, although I am not certain.

It's not game breaking, and I'm able to continue playing with seemingly no side effects.



Update Feb. 1 2020

The second file attached shows the next frame in the time lapse, with the whole base visible. Colony is now on cycle 491. Does the time lapse at some point switch to taking a snapshot every 10+ cycles? Is this intended behavior?

The game was restarted in between the two screenshots. Windows 10 was not (but it did go to sleep). Steam may or may not have been restarted (I'm never really certain if I completely exited Steam or not.)


Steps to Reproduce
I was playing as usual. Occurred in cycle 400+. Sorry, I don't know what I did to cause this. Maybe I exited during a save or something?

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