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Colonist Stopped Building

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My colonist have decided to apparently go on strike and refuse to build anything.  They will dig (sometimes) but refuse to build anything, be it objects or tiles. Nothing is obscured, saving and reloading didn't work, and I tried canceling all my queued things and redoing them.

I did have one die on me, as he decided not to get out of the water in time.  Not sure if its related or such.  But the all refuse to build.

Included my save file to see if that helps.  Or if the problem even occurs if someone else loads it up.

The Not-So Optimistic Panopticon.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Played like normal, or so I thought. Things were going fine and until more and more of them seemed to refuse to build, then all of them did.

User Feedback

Are you sure your dupes had jobs they can't do? (such as building or digging). Also did you check your Jobs tab?

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Are they too stressed? (top left part of the screen there's a brain with % and you can hover over to see their stress levels). 

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Yes, I turned on and off their jobs, repeatedly, trying to trigger them to do ANYTHING and they still refuse to build.

Some were getting stressed, but I couldn't even build massage tables to alleviate that.  I don't think ALL of them would have refused to stop building all at once either, because of that.

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