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Coal generator not getting refilled even though coal available

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Coal generator not getting refilled by dupes.  I have several storage bins that were built, then the floor underneath was dug away (but they still function).  Not sure if that is affecting the coal refill.  Anyways as shown in the pic, I have 10 tons of coal available, and the generator is empty.  Also shown, the description of the generator states that there are insufficient resources (and needs ~600 kg of coal). 

Other resources seem to have disappeared (algae used to be ~17 tons, then dropped to ~2400kg), and areas that are supposed to be accessible can't be reached for no good reason.

lots of coal.jpg

Unreachable dig.jpg

Steps to Reproduce

Like I said earlier, storage bins can be unsupported without ground underneath.  But they are still usable.  This may be related.  I just noticed that the coal generators were no longer running.

Hopeful Lab.sav

User Feedback

How are your dupes supposed to reach that storage? The atmo suit setup they have to pass is out of power. And thats why your ressource seems to vanish too i think. You just blocked the path to access them. They are still there, but if no dupe can reach it, the system will remove them from available stock.

If you use atmo suits, make sure they are always powered (and have oxygen support), or plan with a fallback if something fails.

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