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Cloudy sky - Regolith won't drop from top row.

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Regolith buildup from dustball impacts is not completely dropping from top edge of the map. This causes a gradual buildup that gums up any solar panel array, for example. Additionally, a CO2 layer remains on top row of map. 0.0mcg of the gas just refuses to fizzle into the void.


A new save has been set up and readied do discard effects from old save. Also uploaded in this report.

To better illustrate:

Steps to Reproduce

Build bunker doors near enough to allow for regolith buildup near top row of map. Open after storm for better effect.

New save provided.

"Research Fondue cloudy.sav" has status after storm and regolith has been dropped once.

"Research Fondue cloudy drop rdy.sav" has fresh regolith after storm ready to drop. Just toggle automation.

Research Fondue cloudy.sav Research Fondue cloudy drop rdy.sav

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Came here after the "sweet dreams" patch, this bug is affecting my old save.

Regolith no longer drops through bunker doors, and in fact, can't be removed by anything other than an auto-miner. This is unfortunately a game-breaking bug for me ... I can't launch rockets through the regolith, and I can't remove the regolith.

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Hi, same issue here, regolith won't drop from the top of the bunker doors. Another issue is if you try to construct bunker doors around the top area, you will met with unlimited digging instead of building the bunker door. Can't launch rocket. The issue started only after this patch, I was just finishing  "the great journey" achievement yesterday. And today when the patch dropped, there's this issue. I'll attach the save files and see if the dev team can reproduce the issue

Issues list:

- Regolith no longer drops through bunker doors, however meteorite can still go through when bunker doors opened

- There's like invisible issue around the bunker door area, when you deconstruct the bunker door, and tried to rebuilt it, it will become unbuildable and duplicants will still deliver the resource, but when build commences, they will go into unlimited digging bug for some reason.

These are some of the issue that I discovered, It was fine on the previous build  (BUILD: U42-514967-V)


Currently it look like this, I have to send duplicant up there to do the digging. Also, you can actually clear this by digging the top part first and then the bottom, so that's the workaround for now, but still its quite annoying to go up everytime after the meteor shower. If you send the duplicant to dig from the bottom, the unlimited digging will trigger.

I would love to include my save files but the size its 13 MB and I can't upload it here.

Thanks Klei!

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