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Clothing snafu

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If I boot a bunch of clothing out of a storage compactor to try to assign it to someone, when I click on it, it doesn't give me the UI for that piece of clothing.  It bizarrely cycles through every dupe that owns that kind of piece of clothing.  For instance, if I boot out a warm sweater, then click on it, it will pick a dupe seemingly at random to tell me that they have a warm sweater.  If I click on it again, it will pick another dupe seemingly at random and tell me they have a warm sweater.  Not only that, but just by cycling through every dupe who has a warm sweater, trying to get the right UI for the sweater on the ground that I want to assign to someone new, every dupe who the game just told me owned a warm sweater comes by and does the putting-on-clothing animation next to the warm sweater I'm clicking on.  

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see description

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