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Clicking on Task Icons or Priority Levels Only Works Half the Time

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Half the time (probalby more, actually) when I click on some task, like dig, destruct, sweep, etc, or when I try to change the priority levels or a certain task, it just doesn't register. This is unbelievably iritating since I may try to sweep an area, only to either cancel all the tasks or (almost) destroy entoire floors. This also happens when chaning settings for any kind of storage. I've also noticed it when planting seeds, where I KNOW I clicked "Plant", but it doesn't register and I only notice that when there isn't a 'shadow', then I might do it 3 times in a row before actually getting it to plant. I know for a fact I'm clicking it most of the time since most almost every time I click on whatever it will make the 'click' sound in game.

Steps to Reproduce
Honestly, this is such an intense problem for me, that the only way I can AVOID the clicking issues, is holding the mouse button down a second longer, and not taking my my immediately off the icon. If I only do one of these, theres a high chance it won't register, and if I do neither of these, the chance is very high. However, I have noticed these two things help more often with the plants and storage, where I also have the most problems with my clicks registering. Chaning tasks doesn't get messed up as often, but it seems like these two steps don't hardly matter. Also, I only just started playing this game again after several months, and the problem was there a long time ago, too; but it's way worse then it was before,
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