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  1. I really do have a lot of fun with this game, but I haven't played it in a few months. Still just as fun and as always, harder then I remembered it! But in my personal opinion, I really don't understand or like the new skill system. I thought the job system was great and easier to understand, and I get you thought "it didn't really match the mechanics of the system", but I feel like my dupes can only get so high in a job, and they keep accumilating skill points that I either can't really do anything with like with plumbers, or I put them into slots that might help them, but I honestly don't even know if they only get bonuses from that skill, if they only get bonuses from the hat they're weraing and the skills were to unlock new hats that symbolize a promotion, if the hats don't mean anything. I felt like that job system from before was very symplistic and easy to understand, (although there was still the problem of a dupe being "100%" at the highest tier of his career and it felt like you should get something from that and I don't think you could). Not to mention, I actually used to feel excited to give my dupes promotions, but now it just feels like nothing special at all. I'm sure I'm missing some aspect of the skills that makes it so I don't understand it, but I feel like there isn't hardly a point at all to giving cooks or plumbers extra skill points since they don't really seem to make them better at their job and they can't ever get a real promotion. Plus, I'm very hesitant to make some of my dupes exosuit whatevers since I'm not sure if that would actually change what their job is.
  2. Half the time (probalby more, actually) when I click on some task, like dig, destruct, sweep, etc, or when I try to change the priority levels or a certain task, it just doesn't register. This is unbelievably iritating since I may try to sweep an area, only to either cancel all the tasks or (almost) destroy entoire floors. This also happens when chaning settings for any kind of storage. I've also noticed it when planting seeds, where I KNOW I clicked "Plant", but it doesn't register and I only notice that when there isn't a 'shadow', then I might do it 3 times in a row before actually getting it to plant. I know for a fact I'm clicking it most of the time since most almost every time I click on whatever it will make the 'click' sound in game.