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Power switch

I have a setup where automatic battery were turning on and off a generator with a pump. 
"Non industrial" part of wireing went through a transformer into "main base".
As I couldn't power battery from circuit that went through a transformer, 
I decided to add a power switch that would connect it to battery when "industrial circuit" was off.

It resulted in circuit status of 5960/2640 W, which is about 3/4 times more than all active receivers, and about double of all existing.


circuit what.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Save included, hopefully description was accurate enough ;)

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You are confusing real housing electricity with game design.  In game consider instead digital electrical system with floating ground.  Then any point in a "line" is effectively = from end to end.  As such you can damage wire with absolutely nothing on that leg just because the total circuit has  too much power.

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