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"Check exposed" radiation diagnostic has inverted condition

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The "Check exposed" radiation diagnostic shows a warning when a duplicant is exposed to less than a minor exposure per cycle, instead of greater than. I.e. the warning will be shown when a duplicant has absored a dose but is no longer exposed and will not be shown if still exposed. The code in RadiationDiagnostic.CheckExpose() should use COMPARE_GTE_MINOR and not COMPARE_LT_MINOR.



Steps to Reproduce

- Make a duplicant absorb a dose, e.g. 20 rads on the highest radiation difficulty setting.

- Move the duplicant where not exposed => the radiation diagnostic shows a warning.

- Move the duplicant where exposed => the radiation diagnostic no longer shows a warning.

You can see this with Nails in the attached save, a warning is shown when not exposed, but if you want for Nails to start building a solar panel on the surface, the warning will go away.



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