Cell properties displacement

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I messaged Ipsquiggle about this bug, but I think I'll post it here so it isn't forgotten

I found this bug while creating my 'self sealing airlocks' mod. I discovered that if 1) a cell contains a solid element (e.g. copper ore) and 2) a sim message is used to set the properties of that cell to be gas or liquid impermable and 3) the cell in question is immediately adjacent to a vacuum filled cell, than the element properties of the original cell will be transfered to the adjacent vacuum filled cell. This problem seems only to occur if an adjacent cell is vacuum filled

Steps to Reproduce
1. Create a vacuum filled room with an airlock door leading to it 2. Mod 'SetSimState' of the 'Door' component so that when a door opens, it makes the door cells gas and / liquid impermeable via SimMessages.SetCellProperties 3. Airlock will be blocked by displaced material from the airlock upon opening See http://github.com/chromiumboy/OxygenNotIncludedMods/tree/master/SelfSealingAirlocks for more info. I can supply you with a mod that shows the problem in action

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