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Ceiling Light AOE Reverted after last update

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Closed

Hello, after the recent update the ceiling light's area of effect has been reverted to its old functioning where it emits very little light in a focused, spotlight-like fashion.

I did not see that mentioned in the patch notes so I was wondering whether that is unintentional.
It also crashed my game after resume and disabled the Expanded Lights mods I was using.

Otherwise thanks for the update :) I love the work you're doing for us <3

Steps to Reproduce

Maybe enable any mods that add new types of lights / other light sources, launch the game and resume it?


User Feedback

There was a change related to how we keep track of objects and this included a change to the lighting code, but not the behavior of the light. The Expanded Lights mod needs to be updated but it should be a small change.

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