Can't finish achievement job suitability

Xinran Yao
  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

I couldn't finish j ob suitability achievement. Even I finished the requirement for a cycle, the 10 cycles requirement didn't increase. I had 10 duplicants, even I killed 9 of them and tried one more time. The result was like before.



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Just played as usual.

User Feedback

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I am hitting probably the very same problem as well, right now. For more than 30 cycles, I have maintained green tick near the line "Dupes who completed Exosuit errands". Achievement not given. I even have a screenshot for each cycle, just to make sure each cycle was ticked.

Since the "All Dupes completed..." counter does not increase at all (~the same behavior as with "Easy livin" achievement), there is no way to track the progress. I consider that to be a bug (or very confusing design) as well. Some users report they were given the challenge, but I tried multiple times and no go.

My strategy was to lock all surviving dupes behind a checkpoint, giving them all day long mop duty each cycle. Lines were ticked after each cycle, but it did not unlock the challenge.

I am including my save file as well, with hope that someone will investigate. I am a challenge monger, after all, and just a few remaining.


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