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  1. Behaves the same for me now, so it is at least obtainable. Had to load the first time , got the achievement, then loaded older save and got it while playing this time. So something weird remains
  2. I am hitting probably the very same problem as well, right now. For more than 30 cycles, I have maintained green tick near the line "Dupes who completed Exosuit errands". Achievement not given. I even have a screenshot for each cycle, just to make sure each cycle was ticked. Since the "All Dupes completed..." counter does not increase at all (~the same behavior as with "Easy livin" achievement), there is no way to track the progress. I consider that to be a bug (or very confusing design) as well. Some users report they were given the challenge, but I tried multiple times and no go. My strategy was to lock all surviving dupes behind a checkpoint, giving them all day long mop duty each cycle. Lines were ticked after each cycle, but it did not unlock the challenge. I am including my save file as well, with hope that someone will investigate. I am a challenge monger, after all, and just a few remaining. suitup.sav
  3. Amazing, thanks for such a quick response!
  4. Sure, here you go! It is almost cycle 1k, so it is kinda larger, hope it gets through. Thanks for investigating! bugreport_save.sav
  5. Although my colony is producing liquid (and even solidified) hydrogen, the "Not 0K, but pretty cool not given" achievement was never given to me. In Colony Summary, under its item, there is always "Coldest building : 288.3 K" no matter what I do. I have buildings at 1.2K already, so this feels clearly as a bug. Anyone can help about how to gain the trophy? Or do I need to wait for a fix