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Cannot use Manual Generator

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I built a Manual Generator, to power my microbe musher.  I added the wires (making sure they reached the electrical plug symbol) and then realized to get a duplicate on the Manual Generator I had to assign them that job.  Unfortunately I could not activate the jobs without building a job board which requires job research which is done in a research lab which requires energy.  But I have no energy because I can't get a duplicate on it on the Manual Generator to make energy.  I could be missing an alternative way to get energy that gets around this issue, but I looked around the internet and game quite a bit and couldn't find a way around it.  

Steps to Reproduce
I just started the game, so I don't have access to most things (particularly the jobs tab and any other energy building). I connected the wires to the Microbe Masher and then connected it to the Research Lab once I realized I needed one. Again I made sure that the wires were properly connected to all of the buildings. At that point I couldn't do anything else to help the situation. I also checked that there was enough space for the duplicate to fit because I know it has to be two blocks tall for them to fit.

User Feedback

you don't need a job

as long as a dupe can do the "operate" task they will use the manual generator

try increasing the priority of the manual generator 

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"technically" this could work, but in reality you always want to build a battery, this should both trigger duplicant to use generator, and enable you to "buffer" it.

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I have the same problem. i just got the game, and i did everything they did, and it said i need to assign the job from the job tab to make them work the manual generator, but i cant unlock the job tab without the research station and i cant use that without power. I did try increasing the priority, but it didn't work. on my my third game trying it it told me the battery was full, when it was not. 

I don't know if this is a new problem, but it is awful. i can't play the game without power, and nothing i try works and it get frustrating.

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realized i spelt a word wrong

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