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Camera Stutter on new Maps, old ones work fine!

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On a 118 cycle map I can pan the camera smoothly, even when the map is revealed by debug mode, example.

Every newly generated map (10/10 or so) has the camera stutter once larger parts of the map are revealed, example.


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Using the seed from "Not a Game.sav" to start a new map has the new map stutter as well.


I tried this without mods as well, same problem.


Found an older (March) save "Dump.sav" that I never played. It does stutter!


Made a new game for a small (unrelated) test. Started with stutter after activating debug, but got smooth at some point. I only removed a small block to do my test, usually only removing 50%+ off the map "fixes" the stutter.

Added files "Labratory.sav" (stutter) and "Labratory Cycke 2 - Kopie.sav" (no stutter).

Letting the stuttery save run and/or redoing the previous test did not reproduce the "fix".



Not a Game.sav

The Happy Base.sav


Laboratory Cycle 2 - Kopie.sav Laboratory.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Start a new map, maybe (see above).

The Happy Base.sav Not a Game.sav

User Feedback

I tested @giraf123's saves as well now, just to report, that the behavior is consistent.

Reverting to build 419840 and 408920 (I think) did not generate stutter free maps :wilson_cry:.

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