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Bunker doors?

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OK, so I am new to this game (at least new to the space biome) and I am noticing something with bunker doors that isn't making much sense to me.  For about 200 cycles, my bunker doors would act as closed as soon as the signal to close was sent (regardless of the animation status).  Meteors would hit seemingly open doors (but doors that were slowly in the process of closing) and they would break apart or become regolith.  Also - the solar plants they protect would stop receiving light, also as soon as the close signal was sent. 


In my current cycle (somewhere north of 550) now SOME of the doors are reading as open even when closing, but some are still behaving the old way.  The doors that are reading as open are having the conductive wire that is run through them be destroyed (though the automation wire stays). 


What is supposed to happen on the door close signal - are they supposed to offer closed protection (was my original state "the bug") or is this new experience the bug?  Also - is there anything I can do to tell which are going to let stuff through, and which aren't?


I went to the location (steamapps>common>oxygennotincluded>oxygennotincluded_data - but there is no output_log.txt

Steps to Reproduce
I have 16 bunker doors - all connected to two not so greatly placed sensor towers with one controlling open and close with a not gate.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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There is a known bug with bunker doors. If they got damaged, they will be repaired, maybe without you noticing. But then, they are still considered broken by the game. You need to open and close them again. Until then, they are no obstacle for meteors.

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.... ....

I have similar problem but the other way around.

I made simple automation for rocket launches (based on Francis John design from YT). Usually everything is working fine, signal comes, doors start to open and when they are open the rocket goes away. However from time to time rocket starts moving right after getting green signal - it doesn't wait for doors to be open and just smashes them on the way out.

Looks like sometimes the fix that was suppose to stop rocket going away when there is an obstacle does not work...


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