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bulding new pipes 'resets' the distribution grid contents

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hi. im not sure if this is 'bug', searching found none similar, so im gonna take my chances:

everytime there is new pipe tile build - even if not connected to running grid -  all the pipe contents in nearby area (hard to observe on bigger scale) get 'reset' (lookls like the dots are skipping tile) and the distribution scheme is reset to begining - which leads to some uneven and unwated outcomes in carefully prepared distribution systems.

on the screenshot below - imput valve is set to 1200g/s wchis is the exac amount that 18 berries will drain and not let any water stay in the pipes - it was working like that fine for several cycles - then after i decided to add one more section to the grid made water kinda uneven. This happened on all 3 game speeds.

Also i did notice that happening with gas pipes as well, but at that moment i was unsure what was cause.

edit: noticed that adding any pipes of any kind anywhere on map produces the same 'reset' for distrubution.


build EU-280450.


Steps to Reproduce
1. make a mirror distribution grid that is not using full pipe capacity 2. make it work so the outpout and imput are the same. 3. build new pipes in the area.

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