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build 444000 databank issue (not DLC)

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

think there is something wrong with floating point calculation, I have no 1 point of research. 

Actually, I did not understand why my rocket with 5 research modules bring 6 databanks (300 databanks per flight, 2 flight, I obtain 600 research points totally, I though it should be 250 per flight. I was sure, that it will be enough for petroleum engine research, but I have no 1 point. It's frustrating, because now I need to make oxylite for 20000km flight.

If it may help, I have only one researcher with 22 science.




Steps to Reproduce

get 600 research databank

get researcher with 22 science

make research for petroleum rocket engine


build oxylite generator because you have no 1 research point from databank

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