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Bug with AI

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Problem with duplicant
When the duplicant goes far, the duplicant throws the load away and returns empty.
He goes somewhere all day, and then forgets why he came, and goes back.
This is very me and many infuriates and depresses the game.
The game because of this becomes not interesting.
If you cannot make a normal artificial intelligence, make the game solitary, controlling only one dupliant.

Also the problem is that duplicant
they are not able to escape from danger and constantly dig a hole for themselves and die in it.
These are just bugs! This can not be called anything else.
These bugs make the game uninteresting.

They take on tasks that they cannot complete, and do not learn from mistakes.
This is the stupid intellect.

When the colony is dying.
duplicant anyway, they go eat, sh it(go to the toilet) and sleep.
They don’t do anything.
This stupidity makes the game uniquely uninteresting.

Steps to Reproduce
not required

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